Protein and the Elderly Symposium by ISA Umami

Event date: November 09, 201709:30u
End date: November 09, 2017

This symposium will focus on protein and nutritional needs for the elderly and is relevant for all institutes, companies and health care professionals involved in elderly nutrition. The event will include presentations from researchers and institutes, a network event and an information market, to provide you with all the latest insights in the field of protein consumption for the elderly.

What is it about?

During this event, your business can share and receive relevant insights of (research) institutes or other food companies. This symposium will provide you with the latest perceptions regarding protein consumption, healthy aging, protein and elderly trends, alternative protein sources and protein-related immunology. This one-day event will include interactive presentations of professors from Maastricht University and Wageningen University, to provide you with all the latest visions in the field of protein consumption for the elderly. Well-known presenter and comedian Pep Rosenfeld will be hosting us and keeps us entertained in between these presentations and discussions.

The event will continue with a networking drink and information market. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their products at the information market during the networking drink. In this way, all attendees will get to know your company and products. Your company will hereby be given the indispensable opportunity across the symposium to discuss why your product differs from competitive companies.

Why focusing on protein and the elderly?

Body composition changes as people get older. Declines in skeletal muscle mass and strength are major contributors to increased mortality and reduced quality of life in elderly. One of the important alterations in the body composition is the reduction in total body protein. A decrease in skeletal muscle is the most noticeable indicator of this change but there is also a reduction in other physiologic proteins such as organ tissue and immune bodies. This contributes to impaired wound healing and an inability to fight infection. Dietary protein could combat the quality of life in elderly. The importance of dietary protein cannot be underestimated in the diets of older adults. Therefore, we organized the symposium Protein and the Elderly to give institutes, companies and health care professionals the latest insights about elderly nutrition and the importance of protein intake.

Practical information

Location: The Scelta Institute, Heymansstraat 35, Venlo

Time: 9.30 – 16.30

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