Summer School - Food, toxicology and EU law

Event date: July 03, 201713:00u
End date: July 04, 2017

'Food, toxicology and EU law’ is the Summer School for professionals who are trained in either life sciences or (food) law, but come into contact with both fields in their profession. This Summer School of Maastricht University at Campus Venlo aims to facilitate bridging the gap between both expertises (food/toxicology and EU food law) and to establish a field of common understanding.

Scientific evidence can be used more effectively in regulatory procedures after introducing lawyers to toxicological concepts and toxicologists to legal concepts, which will increase mutual understanding of their respective disciplines. This Summer School therefore is of interest for professionals within the food industry, having either a legal or a life science background but with a specific interest in the other field (either life sciences or food law).

Various lectures, case discussions and a workshop will demonstrate how life sciences (and specifically nutrition and toxicology) and food law affect each other. Increased insights into the impact that life sciences and law have on each other, can lead to more successful practices under EU food law and successful collaborations between both fields in companies, public authorities and academia.

Costs for the Summer School will be €300,- (excluding accomodation costs)

Registration deadline: Friday 23 June 2017 - 12:00

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