TEDx Venlo 2017: Get unreal

Event date: November 07, 201713:00u
End date: November 07, 2017

Storyline TEDxVenlo: Get Unreal

“The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets” - John Lennon

Our world is big in small things, small in big things. Everybody who lives in their world tries to understand what is happening, what motivates me and other people to do the things we are doing. What is good or bad? All creatures, young and old, male or female, rich and poor, want peace of mind and happiness.

We look for reason, whilst at the same time discovering that sometimes there is no reason. It just is. In a mindful state you accept the facts of life, trying to find your own explanation and create a world that makes you relaxed and happy. Then, suddenly, when you think you found your reality, something or somebody strikes you and leaves you puzzled. You discover unreality, in another person, idea or situation.

How does this fit in your life? Do you accept something new, connect with it, embrace it, include it in your life, in one way or another? Can unreality become reality in your world, your life? Why not try and find out?

Our theme Get Unreal stands for the opposite of get real. When someone tells you to get real, they want you to get a reality check and to stop behaving as though you're living in a fantasy world. Well, we as TEDxVenlo do want you to live in a fantasy world. Please, fantasize! About fantastic ideas, new possibilities and energizing breakthroughs. Please, get unreal, and embrace the impossible. And finally, let’s make it happen!

Speakers line-up 2017

This year we have an amazing line-up! Hereafter you can find background information you can use for you own purposes. We will share pictures of our speakers soon.

Howard Lettinga: speaker coach. To be a coach you need to be on that stage once. Enough reason so share his speaker insights on stage via his talk: TED tools for Life!

Jacky van der Goor: management consultant. Living and working purposefully is crucial for a happy life. How would you assess your life in the afterlife? She will inspire you with her talk Memories to the Afterlife.

Philippe van der Grinten: soil specialist and guru in bokashi. Biodiversity in soils is crucial. Philippe uses waste in combination with his ‘magic’ bokashi to create vital siols and agriculture.

Ruud Dullens: entrepreneur on the field of virtual reailty. He inspires people to develop themselves on an efficient and pleasant way.

Stephan Schürmann: Desktop 3D printing is not strong enough for mass production. Stephan developed a revolutionary 3d printer that unites the advantages of desktop 3d printing and mass production.

Ans Hekkenberg: researcher on the topic of diversity. She will give an inspiring talk about the important of diversity in science.

Frenkie Dickens: former top atleet and currently studying law at the University of Maastricht. She worked as a volunteer in the jungle in Calais and realized this should never happen again. She will explain you why.

Roy Lenders: artificial intelligence offers massive possibilities for building efficient supply chains in logisctics. Roy will inspire us with the newest insights and technologies.

Alie de Boer: scientist on the field of food law and nutrients at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. How does law effect new food concepts and vice versa? She will give her vision.

Vincent Pijnenburg: without borders Venlo would be in the middle of the world. Vincent is doing research on this topic and will inspires us how to erase the DutchGerman border and build valuable relationships.

Li An Phoa: she is passionate about research, holistic learning and creation for vital food, water and landscapes. Her talk will be about Drinkable Rivers.

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