Brightlands at Limburg Unlimited

Event date: March 28, 201813:00u
End date: March 29, 2018

Brightlands exhibits at Limburg Unlimited, the ultimate platform for showcasing the province’s many strengths.
In addition to a Brightlands pavilion offering presentations, visitors are treated to an inspiring program and valuable opportunities to meet people.

What is Limburg Unlimited?

Limburg Unlimited focuses on showcasing the strengths of the province of Limburg. However, the event is not just about sharing knowledge and networking, but also about making entrepreneurs, researchers, producers and talents enthusiastic about relocating to, working (alone or with others), investing or studying in Limburg. The key topics at the event are working and studying, innovating, doing business and internationalizing.

Download the Brightlands Program at Limburg Unlimited

Brightlands pavilion

At the Brightlands pavilion we show the connections between the key topics using the themes of Smart Services, Health, Food and Materials. These are themes that are helping to put Limburg on the map as a rapidly growing innovative region. Among other things, Brightlands will be showing visitors:

  • The latest developments in imaging and what this can mean for our health.
  • How to get the most out of food to benefit our health.
  • Where the opportunities lie for organizations when it comes to blockchain and big data.
  • The future prospects 3D printing has to offer.

Inspiration sessions by the Brightlands campuses are giving daily on the main stage at Limburg Unlimited.

Which companies will be representing Brightlands?

The following companies are present at the Brightlands pavilion and will be introducing themselves at the Brightlands arenas:

  • Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo: Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation (HEFI), BrightBox, Bio Treat Center, Innoveins, MiFood, Kokkerelli
  • Brightlands Chemelot Campus: Xilloc, TopologX, Boostaani, Shap3d Up, Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs
  • Brightlands Smart Services Campus: Block Materials, Consense Data, Right Origins, Nestegg, Share Square
  • Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus: YourRhythmics, Emosys, PathoFinder, PathoNostics, MyDiagnostick
  • Brightlands Innovation Factory
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