Rethinking Justice Hackathon

Event date: March 03, 201810:00u
End date: March 04, 2018

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A challenging 24-hour hackathon will be held during the weekend of March 3 and 4 at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. This time, Maastricht University students, employees, alumni and partners will be focusing on innovations related to justice. In taking on their challenges, the participants will receive support from Brightlands Smart Services Campus experts.

Why a hackathon?

Citizens, companies, institutes and regions all face the same risks and challenges. This is why it is important for society to continuously innovate and find ways to do things better. Ideally, this will ensure the creation of more justice in the world in the way in which citizens, social organizations, companies and public institutions interact. Through a hackathon, the organization hopes to create an environment and mindset in which everyone with an idea can make a contribution to a better world.

Re-thinking justice

The idea is to think about justice in all its dimensions: individual, social, commercial, political and cultural. In order to make this possible while at the same time ensuring that the participants are able to focus on specific topics, four different challenges have been defined. Each challenge will be led by a partner:

  • Social justice challenge: The Hague Institute for Innovations in Law (HiiL)
  • E-commerce conflicts challenge: eBay
  • Courts of the Future Challenge: Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)
  • Data-driven Justice Challenge: Institute of Data Science (Maastricht University)

Each partner will organize a workshop centered on the challenge. This ensures that the participants will be immersed in the partners’ thought processes, and they will learn how to apply their own disciplines and expertise during the hackathon.

Interdisciplinary teams and knowledge exchange

In order to achieve the best results and well-thought-out ideas, an interdisciplinary approach is key. Teams are put together based on different disciplines that supplement and reinforce one another. The exchange of knowledge is facilitated by the organization and the partners. During the hackathon itself, the participants can take advantage of workshops and coaching.

Letting ideas grow

The best ideas emerging from the hackathon will be followed up after the event. The winning team will be coached by The Hague Institute for Innovations in Law with a view to the Innovating Justice Accelerator for which the team can win €20,000 from the Dutch Ministry of Justice to further develop the project. The team that comes in second place will benefit from guidance and advice from specialists from the Techruption program to study whether or not the project has the potential to become a Brightlands start-up. All participants will also receive an online badge promoting their participation in the Hackathon.

The initiators

The Rethinking Justice Hackathon is an initiative of Maastricht University in cooperation with Brightlands Smart Services Campus (also within the scope of the Techruption program). HiiL, eBay, Dubai International Financial Center and the Institute of Data Science (Maastricht University) are linked to the challenges as track sponsors.

In 2017, Brightlands Smart Services Campus organized two very successful editions of the 48-hour Hackathon Hack4SmartServices. With over 85 national and international candidates at each edition, these events were the largest and most influential hackathons in the Euregion.

Visit the Hackathon pitches on Sunday March 3
13:30 – Pitches by Hackathon teams
16:00 – Announcement of winners
16:30 – Closing drinks & networking session

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