AI Summercamp 2019 – Accenture Heerlen

Event date: July 22, 201909:00u
End date: August 16, 2019

Are you eager to learn about disruptive technologies? Are you ready to implement these state-of-the-art technologies in a business setting? Do you wish to gain hands-on experience this summer while kick-starting your career? The Applied Intelligence Summercamp can introduce you to innovate solutions and novel industry insights!

Due to the dynamic and rapidly developing economy, companies are required to be flexible and adaptive in order to meet evolving customer expectations. Technologies are becoming increasingly complex. A solution to stay competitive in the modern-day economy is Applied Intelligence. The cutting-edge technology has been gaining popularity on a global level. Due to its customizable features, AI can serve a high number of industries, making AI crucial in organizations. While increasing operational efficiency, and thus reducing costs, AI has the power to increase customer satisfaction, and consequently increase the value of products and services.

Your impact
Accenture offers you the possibility to get acquainted with AI in a business setting. Through design thinking, desk research, prototyping and testing, you will tackle an industry challenge using AI. The final product is expected to be feasible, profitable and in line with Accenture’s values and vision. In this way, the final product can strengthen Accenture’s leading position as a global professional services provider. In addition to gaining insights into AI and the business, Accenture will encourage and stimulate you to develop your professional soft skills such as presentation, communication and teamwork skills. At Accenture we believe informal relationships and a good work-life balance contribute to the quality of work delivered. For this reason, AI Summercamp offers you fun and informal group activities during- and after working hours.

Place in the organization
The Summercamp is located at the Accenture Innovation Center for Smart Services at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. Due to its location, Accenture Heerlen works closely with clients from Belgium, Germany, as well as other countries. 

The summercamp will take place
- 22 July – 16 August
- 40 hours per week
- Accenture Innovation Center for Smart Services

Apply now!

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Make sure to apply online by clicking on the button below before 6 May 2019. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Deurenberg.


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