Brightlands Breakfast Club

Event date: February 27, 202008:00u
End date: February 27, 2020

Untab the hidden potential!

Good morning! 

Do you know what your neighbour can mean for you? Do you even know your neighbour? We all have ideas, dreams and ambitions. We all work on providing the best possible health care, now and in the future. We learn from and with each other; we share experiences, and contribute and receive knowledge. Sounds great, but  it all starts with meeting each other in an informal setting like a breakfast . There is undoubtedly someone here that you can connect with. 

Meet new people, get to know each other and share experiences. After all, this is how every form of information sharing and collaboration starts. Curious who your neighbours are? Come join our Brightlands Breakfast Club and untab the hidden potential!

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27 February 2020: Medace

Bringing knowledge & knowhow together

Medace brings medical innovations faster to the patient

This breakfast session our guest of honor will be Danielle Curfs CEO of Medace b.v.. Medace brings medical innovations faster to the patient by offering facilities and services (e.g. cleanrooms, equipment, training and professionals) that clients can use to develop their prototype into a medical product faster and more efficiently. Curious to learn more?

Registration 27 February 2020.

28 May 2020

Theme to be announced.

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Location: Oxfordlaan 55, Bandito Espresso

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