Brightlands Science Lecture by Professor Weidner

Event date: October 01, 201912:00u
End date: October 01, 2019


“Circular plastics economy”

This Brightlands Science Lecture is presented by Professor Eckhard Weidner.

Nearly 350 million metric tons of plastics are produced worldwide each year and the production is growing. Plastics offer an efficient spectrum of properties and are almost impossible to substitute. They are extremely important for resource-efficient designs. Plastics make products light, functional, and inexpensive, but they are not valued highly by consumers (“disposable products”). Too much plastic waste ends up in incineration or in the ground and oceans at the end of its life.

The kickstarter lecture is from Nicolas Goyheneix, Sabic: Enhancing chemicals production from crude oil.


Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Auditorium ‘Arthur’, Center Court

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Furthermore, young talented scientists in the beginning of their career will kick start every Brightlands Science Lecture by presenting a 15-minutes Kickstarter Lecture, before giving the floor to the leading keynote scientific speaker.

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