Brightlands Techruption AI Ideation Day

Event date: September 13, 201909:00u
End date: September 13, 2019

The intention is to fire up new topics in the AI field. In order to define the scope, Rudolf Muller conducted interviews with all Techruption partners to get your input on what topics would be strategically important to your organization. Then, BISS, CAROU, ZUYD, TNO and SCO used that input in a few workshops to identity four topics for further exploration with you.

The goal of this ideation session is to explain and refine these 4 topics with you, make them fit for your company needs, and translate them into use cases that will go into the Techruption innovation pipeline (ideation, explore, experiment, pre-pilot).


Voor de partners van Techruption en genodigden is deelname aan dit event gratis.


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