Talent 4 Digital Security is looking for students

Event date: March 28, 201909:00u
End date: March 28, 2019


Are you the talent with a passion for the digital security sector? 
Register for the Talent 4 Digital Security project 2019.

On Thursday March 28 from 9:00 - 20:00 the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Accenture, the Police Limburg and Eurocontrol open their doors for a selected group of talents who are interested in digital security within:

  • ICT studies
  • forensic studies
  • lab studies 
  • research journalism

Talent 4 Digital Security is looking for male and female professional education students (HBO 3rd-4th year students), university students (bachelor and master) and PhD students.

Experience first-hand what employers have to offer. Listen to interesting speakers, take part in  tours and workshops and build your own unique professional network.

The day will be closed with a diner in attendance of the speakers, (HR) managers of the companies we visited and all the talents which participated. There are only 100 places available and there are no costs involved in taking part.

How to register?
Send an e-mail to info.smartservices@brightlands.com

With the following info:

  • Name, mail address and mobile number
  • Name of school/university and study program
  • Age and year of study
  • CV or LinkedIn profile

Save March 28 already in your agenda and bring a positive vibe and lots of ambition.

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