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Technoforce develops and manufactures various industrial proprietary physical separation equipment and technologies, in the field of Evaporation, High-vacuum distillation, Drying, Liq/Liq-Extraction, Crystallization and Stripping. Within Technoforce a broad range of technologies are available from a single source. Tailor made solutions range from bare equipment up to turn-key fully modular skid-mounted process systems, including auxiliary equipment, instruments and automation. An example is shown in Figure 1. Turnkey solutions in the form of modular skids can save months from client’s project schedules.
Technoforce is involved from application-definitions, lab scale studies, feasibility studies, pilot plant trials & analysis, scale-up, mechanical and process design, equipment manufacturing & testing, project execution, erection, commissioning up to after sales services. We work very closely with customers at every stage.

Technoforce has a strong R&D bias with a research team with doctorate qualifications and having experience using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools for development of proprietary designs and 3D modelling. R&D investments are being made in the areas of crystallization, waste water treatment, energy recovery and reaction engineering.
Our systems/machines/installations are sold in following industrial areas: Pharmaceutical industry, Biochemical and Biobased Industry, the Food industry, the Agrochemical, Petrochemical and (fine) Chemical industry, the Polymer industry, Industrial Waste Water processing and the Oil & Fat/Oleochemical industry.

For application development, feasibility studies, optimization and testing, prior to scale up, Technoforce operates their European Pilot Plant Test Centre at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in the Netherlands.
The development centre is equipped with 10 different setups for scale-up studies. Furthermore a dedicated supportive analysis laboratory is available for monitoring trial-progress and sample analysis. The results from pilot-trials are eventually used for scale-up, design and manufacturing.
In 2016, Technoforce will move into their new Pilot Plant Test Centre at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.


  • Graduate or postgraduate in chemical engineering (BSc/MSc), preferably with two to five years of significant to substantial experience in operations and/or process design;
  • Excellent Dutch and English linguistic skills, both written and verbal, preferably also German;
  • Preferably in the possession of a VCA-VOL Certificate;
  • Flair for chemical (unit) operations involving heat and mass transfer
  • Computer Skills, MS Office.

Technical & Operational responsibilities:


  • Trial planning:
  • o Coordination with Indian and European teams for developing a sound trial plan;
  • Coordination of operation pilot plant setups along with Pilot Plant operations, often in the presence of representatives from customers;
  • Communication with Customer to obtain required data, documents etc. for project definitions, preparations and conducting a trial in the Pilot Plant Test Centre;
  • During trials:
  • Interpretation and Optimizing process operating parameters to get improved result, have predictive understanding of influence of different process parameters;
  • Handling of customers during trials; introduction, guidance through and explanation of trials; short presentations on product range;
  • Optimizing and further development of start/stop and operation procedures of pilot plant setups;
  • Pilot-plant trouble shooting and In-house engineering;
  • Documentation & Archiving:
  • Documentation, communication, and final reporting of (trial)-results with Customers and contributing in Project-Meetings;
  • Development of an archiving and documentation system for results, reports, trial-logs, retain-samples and complaints;
  • Process Engineering & Support for new Pilot Plant at site;
  • Contribute to the overall technical and economical evaluations of (operational) pilot plant opportunities;
  • Ensuring that safety, health and environment (SHE) are not compromised during operations, thus compliant with Brightlands - Chemelot Campus & TFS B.V. guidelines;


  • Investigation at laboratory scale for finding process parameters for Pilot Plant operation;
  • Running trials on the pilot setups;
  • Knowledge of common chemical & analytical analysis methods and equipment;
  • Coordination with service providers for: 1) special analysis of samples, 2) storage and handling of chemicals, 3) maintenance;
  • Facilitate inter-disciplinary communication to realise opportunities for synergy and transfer of technology;

Competences & personal traits:

The following competences and personal traits belong to this position:

  • Problem Analysis;
  • Judgement;
  • Networking;
  • The ability to engage and communicate effectively, internally and externally, at a variety of levels;
  • Likes to understand nuts and bolts of technologies and applications in heat and mass transfer by reading;
  • Performance motivation, driven by results, eagerness;
  • Team player comfortable working with small informal team;
  • Likes to work in a technological and industrial environment the Chemelot Campus offers;
  • Good listening capability and analytical mind which is critical for application development on pilot plant while working with customers;
  • Hands-on mentality;
  • Ability and appeal to learn;
  • Able to manage demands and expectations from various stakeholders.


For this position Technoforce Solutions offers a complete and competitive remuneration package, based on the prevailing primary and secondary conditions, policies and legislation in The Netherlands, depending on experience and expertise.

More information

More information about Technoforce Solutions and the Brightlands – Chemelot Campus is available on, and respectively. If you are interested, please send an email with your recent curriculum vitae and a brief letter of application to


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