Brightlands Opens China Center

march 24, 2016

New initiative unites East and West in Biomedical, Health, and Life Sciences

Maastricht, the Netherlands, 15 March 2016 — Brightlands has officially opened its China Center, based in Maastricht. The Center will serve as an interface between Chinese and Dutch health organizations, creating and strengthening business between the regions. This is a joint initiative between Brightlands campuses and Province of Limburg.

Maastricht and Chengdu have been sister cities since 2012. Their home provinces, Limburg and Sichuan, signed a friendship treaty in 2014 and have identified Life Sciences and Health Care as a key sector. The Chinese market is extremely attractive to European companies, especially in Biomedical, Health, and Life Sciences. Conversely, Chinese scientific and health organizations are in search of knowledge, technology, and investment opportunities abroad. The Brightlands China Center aims to facilitate lines of communication, establish collaboration, develop business, and bring revenue to Limburg area.

“I believe everyone will benefit from the new Dutch-Chinese connection”, says Sunny Jiang, director of the initiative. “We create a comfortable business environment for the Chinese community and integrate resources from both sides to do business efficiently and effectively. The China Center can turn opportunities into real results. This is a great opportunity for all parties.”

Twan Beurskens, Regional Minister of Economic Affairs for the Dutch Province of Limburg; Ribiao Chen, Minister Counselor for the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands; Thijs Teelings, Chairman of Task Force Health Care; Stewart Cheng, Chairman of the Limburg Chinese Association; and Jan Kees Dunning, CEO of Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus opened the center during a festive ceremony on 15 March.

The ceremony further included a panel discussion between Dr. Mei Wang, the first person in the Netherlands to succeed in registering Chinese traditional medicine in Europe; Dr. Ning Qu, cardiac surgeon and innovator who achieved significant cost savings for Groningen University Medical Center by introducing Chinese suppliers; Dr. Huiping Yuan, a pioneer in regenerative medicine in China; Mrs. Jinder Hug-Wong, international expat with broad experience in logistics in Asia and Europe; and Robbert Lambriks, senior policy advisor for the Province of Limburg with more than twelve years of working experience in China. The group will serve as the China Center’s Advisory Board.

“The center will work closely with partners from Leiden, Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, The Hague, Amsterdam, Hasselt, Liège, Leuven, Aachen, Heidelberg, and key stakeholders in Limburg,” says Sunny Jiang. “The center is an open platform to connect government, industry, academia, and research institutes. We believe in the value of working together and welcoming all forms of initiatives and collaboration.”

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