Event date: June 06, 201712:00u
End date: June 09, 2017

The International Conference of the Reaction Engineering of Polyolefins (INCOREP 2017) is organized at Brightlands Chemelot Campus from June 6-9, 2017. INCOREP focuses on the use of reaction engineering concepts in the production of polyolefins. While reaction engineering is the focus, also theoretical and practical studies highlighting the interaction of “chemistry” and “process” are covered. This conference is intended for researchers and development scientists, managers, PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in the following fields:

  • Reactor and Process Design – Operation and optimization, scale-up of lab and pilot scale operations, advanced reactor/process modelling and thermodynamics.
  • High pressure processes – Process design, chemistry of polymerisation at high pressures.
  • Monitoring – Collection, analysis and interpretation of process data, in-line measurements & characterisation.
  • Supported catalysts – preparation, injection, fragmentation and particle growth, fines generation and real world challenges, advanced multisite catalysts and composites;
  • Solution polymerisation processes and kinetics – Elastomers and plastomers.
  • Unconventional Processes – Emulsion polymerisation, new processes and reactors, impact on properties, modelling
  • Innovative laboratory techniques – tools for catalyst testing, kinetics, polymer characterisation, and analysis.
  • New directions for polyolefins and polyolefin production.
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