Masterclass Online Visibility & Measure to Manage

Event date: November 28, 201716:00u
End date: November 28, 2017

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus organizes the Masterclass Online Visibility and Measure to Manage in association with Google.


16.00h Online Visibility

During this session, we will learn how to ensure your company can be found online and what makes a website successful. What is the importance of a strong online presence for a company? How can you set up a successful online marketing strategy?

17.00h Break

17.15h Measure to Manage

How can your business performance be improved through web analytics? How can you determine who your potential customers are? How can you improve your website and which channels you should invest your time and money in?

18.15h End

Sphinxkwartier: Eiffelgebouw

This event will be held at the restored Eiffel building, the same location where the Greetings from Maastricht Expo will be on display until January 7, 2018. After the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to visit the expo where Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus will tell you more about the Life Sciences sector in our region.

Registration for the Brightlands Health Masterclass is required:

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