CiMaas receives subsidy from the Limburg Province

july 1, 2016

CiMaas receives subsidy from the Limburg Province (through LBDF) to accelerate Natural Killer Cell production.

CiMaas is developing cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. One of the products in development are natural killer cells derived from healthy donors. These cells are applied to patients in order to efficiently kill cancer cells. CiMaas collaborates with the department of Haematology of the MUMC+ and an American biotech company to further optimize this treatment.

The province of Limburg, through LBDF, has awarded CiMaas a subsidy for further development of the new technology for large scale production of NK cell immunotherapy.

Wilfred Germeraad, CSO of CiMaas: “The unique combination of technologies will provide the opportunity to produce these cells in very large quantities and is an important step in the development of a more effective treatment for cancer patients. The subsidy from LBDF significantly contributes to this development”.

CiMaas aims to develop cellular immunotherapy for specific groups of cancer patients. The company develops unique products based on cells and antibodies from the immune system. CiMaas BV is a spin-off of Maastricht University/Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (UM/Maastricht UMC+).

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