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august 26, 2016

The ACCELERATOR is open for all business ideas coming from CAMPUS projects like summer schools,INNOVATION projects and other ACCELERATOR pre-seed scouting activities. In the discovery phase, innovation training and support activities like Launchlabs or other Boot Camp programmes help entrepreneurs to create a business plan out of an initial business idea in a two-month programme. Furthermore, local training activities are organised to augment existing programmes at CLCs, with a focus on key skills in the healthcare sector. In the validation phase, a strong emphasis is placed on helping start-ups and entrepreneurs to use suitable Living Labs and Test Beds within the community, and to gain an understanding of local/regional regulatory and reimbursement schemes through providing access to a wide network of market experts with specific local knowledge. In the scale phase, there will be a major focus on developing tools and networks that can provide financing for projects and small SMEs, as well as facilitating access to potential investors such as angel networks, corporate financers and crowd funders. Furthermore, Go Global programmes will support European start-ups and scale-ups in the domain of MedTech and Digital Health, so that they can expand in Europe, the United States and other international markets. This business creation supply chain will be key to ensuring both the acceleration of innovation projects and access to relevant facilities for start-ups and SMEs throughout the consortium.

The Business Plan Aggregator
EIT Health invites micro and small enterprises (< 50 employees), spin-offs and start-ups (already incorporated) from all over Europe to submit applications for the EIT Health Business Plan Aggregator, which will award the best business plans in medtech, biotech and digital health. An important focus will be placed on the innovation’s impact in terms of societal challenges addressed by EIT Health. The EIT Health Business Plan Aggregator follows a two-step procedure. Stage 1: Interested companies apply to participate at their regional CLC/Innostar (see below for contact details). The pre-selection of the nominated candidates will be made at CLC level, based on common selection criteria. In each CLC/Innostar, the best entry will be nominated for each category (medtech, biotech, digital health). At a later stage, there will also be an external competition with a winner from each category. Stage 2: The 21 best EIT Health business plans in the medtech, biotech and digital health categories (plus 3 externals at a later stage) will be invited to pitch at the EIT Health Innovation Summit. The prizes will be awarded by a panel of experts including investors, business angels, corporate VCs and crowd funders from the EIT Health Investors network.

What we are looking for
We are looking for the most promising business concepts from micro and small enterprises (< 50 employees), spin-offs and start-ups in medtech, biotech and digital health.

Why participate?
Entering the EIT Health Business Plan Aggregator gives participants the opportunity to join a unique forum for innovators with
easy access to a European network of world leading medtech, biotech, pharma and IT companies, such as Siemens Healthcare, IBM, Philipps, GE Healthcare, SAP, Medtronic, Abbott, Abbvie, Roche, Sanofi, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Astra Zenca, Bayer Pharma, Merck, Air Liquide as well as world class research organizations in health care.
early access to the EIT Health Investors Network, which brings international investors together (VCs, Corporate VCs, Business Angel, Crowd Investors) in order to boost your business idea.
access to unique services in crucial areas such as clinical validation (living labs and test beds) and market preparation internationalisation (GoGlobal), etc. The EIT Health Business Plan Aggregator offers participants high visibility across Europe, as well as attractive prize money.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of both stages of the EIT Health Business Plan Aggregator.

Stage 1: In total 21 teams will be nominated by the seven CLCs (plus 3 externals at a later stage). The nominees will be awarded with the following prizes:

  • €3,000 per team to produce a pitch video
  • Invitation to pitch at the EIT Health Innovation Summit (travel costs will be paid)
  • Optional vouchers (adapted to maturity and specific needs of a team)
  • to join Launchlab
  • to join GoGlobal
  • to use EIT Health‘s network of Test Beds & Living Labs
  • for market coaches
  • Stage 2: At the EIT Health Innovation Summit the business plans comprising the ‘best of the best’ in the medtech, biotech and digital health categories will be awarded by a panel of experts. The prize money for each category is

  • First prize: €10,000
  • Second prize: €3,000
  • Third prize: €2,000
  • How to apply

    Submission of Application

    Applications can be submitted from 1 April to 31 August 2016 18:00 (CET). Applications are requested in executive summary format. The submission of a complete business plan is not required. In total, applications should not exceed three pages. Please upload your applications to national competitions (in PDF format, max. 5 MB) using EIT Health Plaza ( Please indicate the Co- Location Centre corresponding to your registered office.

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