Mirabilis Therapeutics appoints a Scientific Advisory Board

july 14, 2016

Mirabilis Therapeutics, a Maastricht-based spinoff Biotech that develops innovative treatments for cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, has installed a Scientific Advisory Board composed of two prestigious clinician-scientists.

Professor Dr. Gianluigi Condorelli, Professor of Cardiology at Humanitas University and Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and of Cardiovascular Research Area, Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan, Italy, and Professor Dr. Koos Burggraaf, Professor of Translational Drugs Research at the Division of Pharmacology Leiden University’s and Research Director Cardiovascular Diseases & Metabolism at CHDR Centre for Human Drug Research. Professor Dr. Gianluigi Condorelli will chair the Scientific Advisory Board.

“We are delighted that these two high ranking experts are willing to support us and we expect to add one or two additional members in the coming months”, says Mirabilis CEO Dr. Ronald van der Geest.

With their help, Mirabilis will be able to develop its product array in a way that targets the field more accurately.

“Professor Dr. Condorelli is an expert in cardiovascular non-coding RNA research & drug development, while Professor Dr. Burggraaf is an expert pharmacologist in this field. So together, they are an excellent combination for us. Both stand at the forefront of cardiovascular medicine”, says Mirabilis Chief Scientific Officer Professor Dr. Leon de Windt. “Developing these molecules requires very specific knowledge and innovation power. We are working hard to fill the gaps related to this and take our products to a new level. In this respect it is a great pleasure to work with these experts and benefit from their knowledge and scientific insights.”

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