Nestegg Biotech develops pharmaceutical testing device at Brightlands

june 3, 2016

The US startup Nestegg Biotech has moved to Brightlands Chemelot Campus, making it the basis of their operations. The company develops innovative devices for drug testing.

Nestegg Biotech is a provider of innovative solutions for research and development in cell and tissue growth. The company has developed the innovative Obruza Screening System. This instrument enables scientists in pharmaceutical and medical research to speed up their time to market for new drugs.

The Obruza Screening System is very suited for laboratories of large pharmaceutical companies, as they need to bring new drugs to market quickly. Nestegg offers the device to this industry, initially in Europe, as the system shortens the life cycle of experiments, speeding up drug development. Subsequently, hospital laboratories are potential customers.

Startupbootcamp Smart Materials
In 2015, Nestegg got acquainted with Brightlands Chemelot Campus when the company’s team participated in the Startupbootcamp Smart Materials. This initiative connected startups with relevant connections, including venture capitalists. The experience made the team decide to stay at the campus and make it the basis of Nestegg’s operations. It’s a good hub to develop the European market.

Recently, Brightlands Innovation Factory, the follow-up of Startupbootcamp Smart Materials, was initiated to empower entrepreneurs in advanced materials, health, nutrition, and smart services on their journey from a bold idea to a successful company. The program offers knowledge, expertise, services, facilities, and access to funding.

Obruza Screening System
The Obruza Screening System is a fully integrated cell culture instrument in which multiple drug tests can be executed simultaneously. The equipment looks like a chest of drawers, the size of a refrigerator, with thirty drawers. In each drawer a proprietary adapter interacts with the microtiter plate to allow for constant flow and individualized well dosing. This leads to a reaction of the cell cultures and automated sensors measure the metabolites.

Says Tim Gauldin, Nestegg’s Co-Managing Director: “The combination of ninety-six well microtiter plates per drawer, thirty drawers at a time and different types of sensors result in more meaningful data than can be generated in conventional drug screening setups.”

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