Cristianne Rijcken (Cristal Therapeutics) wins Limburg Businesswoman of the Year Award for 2017

june 23, 2017

Cristianne Rijcken, founder and CSO of Cristal Therapeutics, located on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, wins Limburg Businesswoman of the Year Award for 2017

Cristianne Rijcken, foto by Ted Boots / Zakenvrouw Limburg

In deciding on the winner, the jury took into account characteristics such as vision, innovation, perseverance and leadership abilities. There were also a few financial criteria that had to be met. The winner is seen as being an inspirational role model for others. The jury had the following to say about the winning businesswoman:

The jury has followed Cristianne as a finalist for Limburg Businesswoman of the Year full of admiration and curiosity. Cristianne is active in a world that is relatively unknown to many: medicine and scientific research. The jury was extremely impressed with how Cristianne had the bravado and perseverance to supplement her scientific knowledge with aspects of business, and to set up her company based on her PhD work. Her business model is far from commonplace, but she managed to persuade the jury that her choices were the right ones.

Cristianne came across to the jury as being intelligent, level-headed and a go-getter. It is particularly impressive how Cristianne transformed her scientific research into a business, and managed to keep it going in this challenging, male-dominated world. Thanks to her continuously keen and optimistic view and her boundless perseverance, she has reached the phase in which her treatment method is now being tested on patients. Cristianne is a role model for young, scientific businesswomen who aren’t afraid to apply their knowledge to pursue their dreams.

The three businesswomen who were nominated were introduced to the audience using videos and live interviews recorded in constantly changing settings. The three finalists also gave a two-minute pitch. Over 300 guests from the entire province attended the awards ceremony and were given the opportunity to vote on their favorite businesswoman.

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