Innovative solutions in Dutch Hacking Health Maastricht 2017

may 22, 2017

The Dutch Health Hacking Event took place took place this weekend in Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Maastricht. Maastricht UMC+ organized this so-called ‘hackathon’ on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus at EM-TRAC’s training facility.

Hacking Health Maastricht is an event where challenges in healthcare are brought forward and find innovative solutions in just 48 hour’s time. The objective is to transform healthcare by connecting and diverse teams, to search for human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems. During this event technology experts programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and patients join their knowledge and expertise during a whole weekend.

Experienced coaches, strong results!

Business developers from Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus and Brightlands Smart Services Campus were present during the event, taking the role of coach to support the teams bringing their idea into viable prototypes and pitch the opportunity in front of a multi-disciplinary jury of experts. Brightlands also contributed to the winner’s price by offering the 3 winners the opportunity to receive a Business Assessment and in kind support by Brightlands Innovation Factory to assess how to take their innovation further.

Yvo Graus, Senior Business Developer Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus: “The creativity, energy and the complementary contribution of the team members within the 7 hacking teams was extremely inspiring and has resulted into real solutions for medical or health problems of patients and medical professionals that are technically feasible and bring real benefit to patients and effective healthcare!”

Winner helps stroke patients

The first prize of the local ‪Dutch Hacking Health Maastricht was assigned to HemiGlass. An innovative tool especially designed for stroke patients who lost part of their field of vision. Approximately 60.000 patients nationwide suffer from this known side-effect of stroke. HemiGlass can give these patients an increase in their field of vision up to 90%. In addition, the HemiGlass team has won the National Health Hacking “Patients Impact Prize”. Congratulations to ‪Nico van Veen and his team!

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