Event "Biomassa Beter Benutten"

december 19, 2017

Question: What do grass clippings, burning nettles, hemp and mushroom compost all have in common? Answer: They are valuable raw materials. At the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, five companies that laid the foundation for the Bio Treat Center (BTC) are building a community of entrepreneurs, researchers and students who use biomass for innovative, sustainable products. The BTC gave a presentation to entrepreneurs on December 12 at the campus in Venlo entitled Biomassa Beter Benutten (better uses for biomass).

Ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create new products using biomass; these entrepreneurs want to support and facilitate the Bio Treat Center (BTC), and put it in touch with the right relevant partners in the market, science and the government. How? The participants learned more about how to do this during the event.

Round-table discussion

Saskia Goetgeluk, CEO of Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, led a round-table discussion with Sandra Baan (IBI2), Hans Derksen (BioRefinery Solutions BV) and Roel Bol (Federatie Bio-economie). One of the most important conclusions reached during this discussion was that we must take a collective approach to managing the supply of residual flows in this region. This will enable us to better meet the demand for biomass. This conclusion provided a great lead-in to the pitches that followed.


The five founding companies of the Bio Treat Center - Grassa, Hofmans, Ingenia, Eco-Makelaar and New Foss - introduced their companies to over 100 attendees through a pitch. In these pitches, they placed the emphasis on the added value of cooperation within the BTC. Patrick Lemmens, Innovation Broker and Business Developer at BTC, summarizes part of the discussion. “Unorthodox forms of collaboration in the chain are of vital importance. New forms of cooperative partnerships are necessary if we want to make real progress in sustainability and innovation.”


Finding new ways of thinking; Bas Biomass, the alter ego of Frans Bosch of Takkenwerk, knew exactly how to present this. He had the participants do an exercise in “re-thinking”, and the results surprised them; they discovered how they are subconsciously slowing down their own creativity. “It’s funny to see how thought patterns work, and it can be so energizing to stop thinking in ‘yes or no’ terms. As far as I’m concerned, this was an inspiring ‘closing act,’” according to one of the participants. Ton Voncken, BTC director and organizer of the event: “This was once again proof that meeting in person leads to new ideas. I am convinced that entrepreneurs here today have seen that there are different ways of doing things. They have discovered that there is room for their companies in the BTC concept. We need each other. We can only organize sufficient market volume for getting new applications off the ground if we work together. Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo offers the perfect ecosystem for this.”

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