Hack4SmartServices Hackathon yields promising applications

may 15, 2017

First prize for ConSense

Held last weekend at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, the Hack4SmartServices Hackathon was a resounding success. The organization was pleased with the participation of over 100 experts, young professionals and students from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, China and Turkey. The first edition of the Hackathon generated ten new applications, each of which will be studied and developed further. The reactions from the participants, jury members and organizers were so positive that they have decided to organize a follow-up event.

Three teams were awarded prizes. According to the jury, in a period of just 48 hours, they developed the best, most promising applications for the challenges in the following areas: communication of the future, advice of the future, citizen of the future, and ethical trade of the future. APG, Obvion, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Chamber of Commerce were all involved in the challenges as track sponsors.

ConSense won first prize for their data exchange platform offering solutions for health problems, including a community linked to this platform for both patients and doctors. The platform is based on blockchain technology to guarantee the security and privacy of the users.

Second and third prize
The second prize went to PennyLovers. Their submission was a virtual personal assistant that helps users make decisions about their financial future. BrightHomes won the third prize with their one-stop shop for finding solutions for sustainable housing. The winners received cash prizes of 1,500, 1000 and 500 Euros, plus 1,000 Euros in coaching vouchers for the continued development of their prototypes. In addition to cash prizes, high-tech gadgets and tickets to festivals were also awarded to the winners. The prizes were made possible by the track sponsors and Conclusion, Accenture, KPN and Innovation Booster.

Tom Braekeleirs, director of the Microsoft Innovation Center Flanders, was impressed by the level of the applications developed: “The participants worked really hard this past weekend. It was great to see how the applications ‘matured’ over the course of the weekend. I am sure that various projects will continue long after this weekend.”

Peter Verkoulen, CEO of Brightlands Smart Services Campus, adds: “The Brightlands Smart Services Campus focuses primarily on the development and facilitation of a community that can convert data into smart services. A Hackathon is a fantastic way of doing this. I am extremely proud of the results from last weekend, and invite the Hackathon participants to come develop their ideas further at this campus.”

The date of the next edition of the Hack4SmartServices Hackathon will be announced soon.

The initiators
The Hackathon is an initiative of the Province of Limburg and the Brightlands Smart Services Campus (also within the scope of the Techruption program), in cooperation with the Microsoft Innovation Center Flanders. In November 2016, a motion by the D66 party leader Leon Vaessen to hold a Hackathon was passed unanimously by the Provincial States of the Province of Limburg.

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