Interreg subsidy for Trapps

june 29, 2017

Based at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus start-up Trapps has obtained a European subsidy for € 10,000 to fund research on an app for the shipping industry. What can the European shipping industry do to limit its CO2 emissions? Trapps wants to study how making navigation information available can benefit the climate and help captains save on fuel costs.

Reducing energy consumption

Trapps hopes using smart services will also make traffic on the waterways more environmentally friendly. The amount of energy a ship consumes depends on the speed of the vessel, the measurements and the waterway, among other factors. Notifying captains of the optimal speed on different waterways during their journey but also about potential obstacles, unforeseen traffic congestion and even the water level makes it possible to reduce energy consumption. Which potential obstacles might they encounter? What is the expected waiting period at the locks or wharfs? And mostly: how should captains adjust their speed to take these obstacles into account?

App on the way

Capitalizing on support from CrossRoads2, Trapps hopes to find out whether or not it can convert this information to real-time sailing recommendations. In the long term, the company wants to develop another app that captains can consult at any time, and even outside of the Netherlands. With the right information, captains can adjust their routes or sailing speed any time they want. The energy savings don’t just mean a reduction in CO2 emissions, but also a cost savings for the shipping company.

About Trapps

Trapps develops professional apps for smart mobility that reveal navigation, hiking and cycling routes, among others. The company recently released the app “Sailing between Visé, Eijsden and Maastricht” which displays the shipping movements of commercial vessels on the Meuse in real time. In Europe, cargo ships are required to be equipped with an AIS transponder (Automatic Identification System) that makes their position visible digitally. Thanks to this app, users know if there are large ships in the vicinity, making sailing safer.

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