New Sitech Services office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus

june 22, 2017

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is building a new office for Sitech Services on the campus in Sittard-Geleen. The building was designed by Pauwert Architectuur of Eindhoven and will provide a base for closer cooperation between research & development and production. Innovation and its industrial application are central to this.

Sitech creates innovations for digital and sustainability transitions, which can help to optimize chemical production processes so that they make greater use of computer technology and consume less energy and raw materials.

Synergy advantages
The new building is in the middle of the Sitech site and will allow it to optimize its service provision. Sitech is consciously choosing sustainability and synergy advantages, for example by sharing facilities, knowledge and international networks with other companies on the campus.

Pauwert Architectuur of Eindhoven designed a building which provides scope for diversity and character within a modular system. The design can also be used for other new building projects on the campus. The basic principle is that the buildings combine with the surroundings to create a pleasant and inviting working environment.

500 of Sitech’s 1,000 employees will be housed in the new office from January 2019. The remaining employees will be housed in existing buildings. The building will also offer limited accommodation to strategic partners of Sitech.

Sitech Asset Health Center
The Sitech Asset Health Center showcases Sitech’s work on innovation. It uses sensors on critical plant components to deliver large amounts of data. Intelligent analysis of the data makes it possible to predict faults before they occur, further optimizing maintenance work and the safety, availability and reliability of installations. It also creates opportunities for reducing costs and saving energy.

LED lighting
A second project uses digitization innovatively for the lighting in the plants. Replacing existing lighting with intelligent LED lighting reduces energy consumption by at least 80% and also considerably reduces light pollution above Chemelot, making significant savings. Before the summer of 2018, 17,000 of a total of 30,000 lights will be replaced with LED lights.

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Signing agreements between Sitech Services and Brightlands Chemelot Campus on the new Sitech building on the campus.
From left to right: Frenk Thewissen (CFO, Sitech Services), Frank Schaap (Director Business Development & Acquisition, Brightlands Chemelot Campus), Bert Kip (CEO, Brightlands Chemelot Campus), Jurgen van de Rijke (CFO, Brightlands Chemelot Campus) and Marc Dassen (Managing Director, Sitech Services).

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