Nutrition: the new medicine

june 1, 2017

Nutrition: the new medicine

The construction of an impressive new research facility, the Cooker, was officially announced at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. This facility is part of a unique Personalized Nutrition concept.

The kick-off event for the new research facility was held at Villa Flora. Paul Vossen (program manager for Greenport Venlo - Province of Limburg), Jan van Loonen (alderman municipality of Venray) and Kees van Rooij (mayor for the municipality of Horst aan de Maas, respectively) and Saskia Goetgeluk (CEO of Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo) talked about the potential impact of this initiative. Not only did they explain the economic and scientific importance for Venlo and the surrounding area, they also emphasized the fact that this concept can make a fundamental contribution to people’s health.

Spectacular glimpse into the future
The guests were provided with the
scientific support backing up the concept, and an explanation of how the Cooker works in practice, plus the corresponding research program. Presentations were also given on the groundbreaking concept of Personalized Nutrition. Henri Michiels, a regional entrepreneur, cut the “virtual” ribbon, symbolizing the start of construction of the Cooker. Wearing 3D glasses, people at Villa Flora could walk through the 13-meter high installation at Villa Flora and experience it “live”.

Unique results
At the Cooker, regional products will be processed to create final products. The healthy components will remain largely intact during this process. Together with Maastricht University, an intervention will be performed on consumers’ normal eating habits using the final products. The idea is to demonstrate the effects on the subjects’ health through blood tests. The unique result will ultimately be a Personalized Nutrition concept in which people will see which nutrients or combination thereof are the best for improving their individual resistance. This product will be customized to each individual over the course of several years.

The parties involved were unanimous: nutrition will become the new medicine!

Open facility for entrepreneurs
The Cooker will be used by regional entrepreneurs together with researchers from Maastricht University. It will be an open facility, which means that other entrepreneurs can also use it for product development.

Great results
“In my work for the Economic Affairs office, I always look to see if something is going to generate business. In this case, I see fundamental research on one side, and pure entrepreneurship on the other. This combination will lead to new products which will also contribute to improving our health. You can’t ask for a much better scenario than this,” Twan Beurskens, Deputy for Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure for the Province of Limburg, says in a reaction.

The knowledge role that Limburg and particularly the Northern Limburg region play in the worldwide agri- and food sector will take further shape as a result. The Brightlands name is synonymous with the innovation region where researchers and entrepreneurs take on challenges together. This initiative will also reinvigorate the former Floriade site. This will naturally increase the appeal of this region and the bordering municipalities of Venlo and Horst aan de Maas.

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