Sitech Services signs Letter of Intent for new office building at Brightlands Chemelot Campus

january 12, 2017

Sitech Services and Brightlands Chemelot Campus have signed a Letter of Intent regarding the Sitech housing in a new office, to be built at Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen (NL). This is the next step to realize the Chemelot 2025 ambition: develop Chemelot into the most competitive and sustainable materials and chemistry site in Western Europe.

Chemelot 2025

In Europe Chemelot is a unique place where research & development and production are successfully linked for more than hundred years. Thanks to a continuous process of transition, Chemelot can strengthen its leading position and compete with the best in the world, a century after the site has established. By focusing on further cost reduction and a multiple sustainability transition – at the one hand regarding production processes and on the other hand regarding the products that are produced – Chemelot will become the most competitive and sustainable materials and chemistry site in Western Europe by 2025. Chemelot Industrial Park will excel within ten years in the field of energy and raw materials consumption and Brightlands Chemelot Campus will have an international reputation as frontrunner in innovation and application of innovative and sustainable materials.

With Sitech’s new office building at Brightlands Chemelot Campus the collaboration between R&D and production will be further intensified. Innovation and the application on industrial scale is key. Those innovations will specifically be realized in the field of the digital and sustainability transition, resulting in the optimization of chemical production processes.

Housing that serves ambition and ’new way of working’

Reliability of installations, product quality, sustainability, and safety are crucial for the chemical industry. Sitech Services creates the conditions for this. Sitech provides services in fields such as maintenances and process optimization, and ensures that the plants at Chemelot Industrial Park can produce continuous and undisturbed.

The new housing offers Sitech the possibility to take advantage of its location at an innovative campus, in the middle of its working area, which makes optimal service possible, now and in the future. Sitech deliberately chooses for sustainability and synergy benefits, partly by sharing facilities, knowledge, and international networks with other campus companies.

The new office will accommodate 500 of the 1000 Sitech employees as from January 2019. Additionally, the building offers limited space for housing Sitech’s strategic partners.


Currently, three architects are drafting proposals for the new office building. Sitech involves its employees by starting a conversation about the ideal working environment.

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