Yparex is now The Compound Company

november 6, 2017

Yparex B.V. and RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V. continue under one company name: The Compound Company. They were separate companies under the umbrella of the RESIN Group of Companies.

The renaming of the merged companies as The Compound Company is a formalization of their consolidation. “It clearly communicates what they stand for: developing and manufacturing thermoplastic compounds,” says Wouter van den Berg, Commercial Director of The Compound Company and General Manager of Yparex®.

“The renaming emphasizes the function of our group production and development platform, as a basis for our proprietary products as well as the innovative customized solutions that we co-develop with some of our customers. This platform is also the basis for several flexible tolling partnerships with companies that are looking for extra production capacity. All have one thing in common: they are made with unparalleled devotion and dedication!”

“Our well-known brands Yparex® and EcoForte® will remain the pillars of our business,” adds Van den Berg. “Some of our customers have been working with our products for decades, so they will continue to see these familiar names on their deliveries. But with the launch of this new name for our group of companies, we can bring the value of our solutions even more clearly to their attention.”


Yparex®, a product range of extrudable adhesive resins, and EcoForte®, a product range of customized thermoplastic compounds, are product brands of The Compound Company.

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