Zuyderland Live! wins Galjaardprize 2017

may 12, 2017

Zuyderland has won the Galjaardprize 2017. This is the most important Dutch prize for public communication. During the final, not only did the jury agree: the public award went to Limburg as well. The jury especially praised the courage and openness Zuyderland showed with the livestream of a gallbladder operation via Facebook. Zuyderland is one of the participants in Techruption at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

It is exceptional for an organization to win both awards: in the history of the Galjaardprize it has only happened once before. After a pre-selection round with 54 submissions, Zuyderland had to compete against four other initiatives in the finale in Zwolle. After an intensive jury meeting they came to a unanimous decision. Jury chairman Guido Rijnja: ‘Zuyderland Live! makes an impact on everyone: the organization, the audience and the communication professional. By showing what happens in a closed off world, reality is the focal point.’

Aside from the jury award Zuyderland Live! won the public award as well. Zuyderland received almost 2500 votes (38%) from the 6426 votes in total. Zuyderland Live! has been developed in cooperation with Hello Sunshine, the online partner of Zuyderland. Together they stimulate innovation on both online and digital fronts within the healthcare domain. Zuyderland Live! is one of those initiatives.

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