Bundling knowledge and strengths in Venlo!

december 19, 2018

New possibilities for setting up business and research facilities

Active, open innovation and a strong community are made possible when high-quality opportunities are available for business and research facilities. The Brightlands campus in Venlo already offers ten research laboratories, from Brightbox and its focus on daylight-free, multi-layer cultivation, research greenhouses and testing fields, to Brightlabs and the Healthy Eating and Food Innovation Labs of Maastricht University. 

The Nutritional Concepts Lab and new “boxes” will be completed soon at the Villa Flora campus building. Campus director Saskia Goetgeluk talks about the expansion activities at the Venlo campus.

Which additional facilities are coming to Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo?

“A special R&D facility has been built just for our campus at Villa Flora, the Nutritional Concepts Lab, or NCL for short. The machines in this “lab” process vegetables and fruit, turning them into nutritional products that retain their valuable bio-active ingredients. MiFood will be the main tenant at NCL, and NCL also offers space to rent for others who are interested in using these machines for their research. 

In addition, new Box-in-Boxes have been built. The Box concept addresses the need for smaller and scalable rental space in an attractive knowledge network offering many opportunities for chance meetings between community members. Eleven new companies and institutions will be setting up shop here, bringing the total at the Campus to 52.”

“Sold out” 

“The available boxes have all been rented out. During the first quarter of 2019, we will be continuing to add new construction facilities at the Villa Flora building: 31 new boxes will be developed, some of which have already been leased. There is a great deal of interest in renting space at the campus. Campus building Villa Flora will be full within the foreseeable future, just like the Innovatoren building. 

We are also seeing a growing interest from start-ups and spin-offs of existing SMEs. We are currently studying how we can add a new Campus building.”

Why do companies choose the Campus?

“We have noticed that the Campus is an attractive location for all sorts of companies and institutions. It offers both a workplace and laboratory facilities, on or off campus. Companies are drawn by the ecosystem of researchers and entrepreneurs, by the market and knowledge that continue to experience strong development. This offers companies major advantages in terms of distinctive features. You can work with others on projects, participate and profit from the community, making you a suitable party for doing business with or working for.”

What does the expansion mean for the Campus?

“Knowledge and strengths will be bundled more than ever. Our ecosystem is growing, and the attraction also grows with each new step. More and more companies and researchers are joining us here. With the NCL, we will also be able to offer a unique facility that will make the next step in personalized nutrition possible.” 

When will the new facilities officially open?

“Save the date January 22 in your calendar. The official opening will start at 4:00 p.m., featuring Deputy Hubert Mackus and Alderman for the City of Venlo Erwin Boom, and a varied program, naturally offering visitors the chance to see the Box-in-Boxes and the Nutritional Concepts Lab.”

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Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is the place where more and more companies, scientists and students are joining forces to share knowledge and develop new products in the fields of healthy and safe food, future farming and the biocircular economy.