Leading the South event

september 23, 2018

The South Netherlands Philharmonic and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo proudly present: Leading the South

A symphony orchestra is probably not the first thing you think of when you are talking about innovation. According to Stefan Rosu, manager and artistic director of philharmonie zuidnederland (South Netherlands Philharmonic), this is an incorrect assumption. His orchestra links traditions to innovative and future-oriented developments. Interesting cross-overs between music, science and the culinary sector are the tasty “ingredients” used to create the networking event Leading the South that will be held at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo this year. Be sure to save the date (November 16) in your calendar.

Safe food in sufficient quantities and water; not only are these are important demands today, they are also socially relevant themes. They are also topics that don’t just belong on the “plates” of CEOs and economists. According to Rosu (photo), “Cultural institutions should also focus on these issues. We can’t give you a single, clear solution. What we can do however is bring people together and inspire them, and this is exactly what happens at Leading the South.

This networking event provides people from business, science and public administration with a pleasant way to meet up with one another. Being able to meet is important since solutions to these types of problems may only be found if we work together. And we need these introductions in order to do this.”

Stimulating location

Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is where the philharmonie zuidnederland will be making an appearance on November 16 for the fourth edition of Leading the South. “It feels like a really logical location,” Rosu says. “At this campus, every day is all about safe and healthy nutrition. It’s also about innovation, a lively place where students, science and business meet and look for solutions to the problems of tomorrow, together. It is a stimulating location to give shape to our theme, “The taste of the future” with innovative music and interesting speakers.”

Signals from “outer space”

Together with TEMKO, philharmonie zuidnederland will be performing Music & Space, a suite specially written for jazz quartets and orchestras. Rosu: “The story about how Darkness Rises, a component of this concert, came about is a unique one. Aart Strootman, TEMKO’s band leader, heard a segment on the radio about the last time NASA had contact with the Pioneer 10, a space probe that is now too far away from Earth to exchange data. He was curious about these signals and asked NASA if he could hear them. Imagine his surprise when they agreed! He has now incorporated these otherworldly sounds in his music. During Leading the South, the audience will also get the chance to hear them for the first time. It’s quite an experience!”

Food for thought

In addition to the concert, a dinner made primarily using sustainable, healthy local ingredients and two inspiring speakers are the other tasty ingredients in Leading the South. Rosu: “We have two really interesting speakers who will offer their own take on the theme ‘The Taste of the Future’. Mark Post, professor of vascular physiology and affiliated with the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, will discuss what the development of cultured meat can mean for the future. Charles Spence, affiliated with the University of Oxford as a professor of experimental psychology, is the head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory. He is studying how we can produce healthier food by making smart use of the knowledge on sensory experiences. Their presentations are playful yet also super intellectual. In other words, food for thought. They will be providing plenty of topics of discussion for their encounters with other guests during the dessert buffet.”

During the cocktail hour, you will be able to meet the members of the orchestra of philharmonie zuidnederland. On request, they may also be invited to join you at your table. The maximum capacity for Leading the South is 250.

Watch the aftermovie of Leading the South 2017.

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