Limburg police to start using smart data

april 4, 2018

Limburg Police at Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen

The Limburg Unit of the Dutch National Police Force is going to start using more smart technology in its security duties to gain access to and interpret data, and to make this information suitable for police work. To achieve this goal, the Limburg police is going to work with the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen on digital innovation. Police employees will be given a place to work on these activities at the Brightlands campus.

Starting April 5, the police personnel involved in the project will be working at the campus in Heerlen. The police will also be organizing small and large internal and external events at the campus on a regular basis. At this campus, researchers, students and companies work together on smart applications for available data.
On Thursday morning, the police and the Brightlands Smart Services Campus signed a contract covering the partnership and work space for personnel.

When she was appointed as the new head of the Limburg unit a few months ago, Ingrid Schaefer-Poels said that the police should enter into alliances with organizations such as Brightlands and universities in order to better equip the police to respond in areas such as cybercrime and financial economics.

Rapid developments
“The (technological) developments are moving at such a fast pace and have an undeniable effect on police work. The police force’s information organization would like to join forces with third parties that have the necessary knowledge and brainpower, and which fully support these innovative developments,” according to Ernest Venema, head of the Information Organization for the Limburg Police.

Thanks to its knowledge institutes and companies, Brightlands can offer the police an ideal meeting place. It is also a “breeding ground” for experimentation, and a prelude to broader collaboration between the police and other organizations and institutions.

CEO Peter Verkoulen of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus is pleased about the arrival of the police: “I am convinced that we can do a lot for each other. Our way of working on problems and challenges together has already proven its value. The police is there for the entire community and makes the explicit choice for innovation and collaboration in order to keep everyone safe. The fact that they are going to do this together with us is something I consider to be a compliment for the way we work at Brightlands.”


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