Ap Verheggen

november 27, 2018

“Water, particularly clean water, is becoming scarcer even though the demand for it continues to rise. What once started as an art project has become a technology that we have been working on since 2010 and which involves extracting water from air. The challenge was to make it so efficient that it would even generate returns when running on solar energy. We recently made a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of an entirely new condensation technology that will make it possible in the future to produce water off-grid, almost anywhere in the world. This water may be used as drinking water, but also for agriculture.

Together with the Ministry of Defense, we are currently developing a mobile device. We are also testing new technology for greenhouse farming whereby we recirculate water in air, ensuring the optimal use of our residual product, cold air.

I would like to take it even one step farther by developing a backpack version (MARC - ONE) which I am personally going to test out on a survival trip in a desert, off-grid. This never would have been possible in the past. The backpack will become an icon for a new era in which solutions for climate problems take center stage.
I knew Marc Cornelissen during the time that we were both working and travelling around the North Pole. Our solidarity was born in part of our fascination with extreme climates, but also our commitment to making a positive contribution to the world. Although our approach might not be the most conventional one, it does show how creativity and perseverance, in combination with science, can lead to innovation.”

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