Chinese fintech giant WeCash comes to Brightlands Smart Services Campus

august 7, 2018

Heerlen, August 7, 2018 

The Chinese financial technology giant WeCash is preparing for its arrival in Europe. Daniel Qin, partner and CEO of WeCash Europe, signed the partnership agreement today with the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

The tech giant plans to bring its advanced fin-tech innovations to Heerlen. These innovations enable individuals’ creditworthiness to be evaluated with a high degree of accuracy. Initially, the company will be bringing a small group of “scouts” to the Brightlands campus where they will form part of the open innovation ecosystem at the campus. Among other objectives, WeCash hopes to find out how it can expand its micro-loan innovations to other areas, financial products and as-yet-undiscovered innovations for the Western European market.

The company will then examine the options for setting up an R&D facility at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in early 2019 that it hopes will offer jobs to 30 to 50 knowledge workers from the Euregion. To recruit these specialists, it is calling on the help of people at the Heerlen campus.

Daniel Qin, Partner and CEO WeCash Europe: “Brightlands is the perfect organisation for us. Everytime I'm here, I've learned from their passion, organisation and as a corporation itself. Their passion really encourages me that this is the right place I'm looking for. Brightlands' strategy also matches our strategy, especially on fields like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We can already see the potential, not just in working with Brightlands but also the other companies that are vested here. We found the right partners to grow together.”

Peter Verkoulen, CEO of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus: “We are particularly proud that WeCash is coming to the campus. WeCash doesn’t just bring specific knowledge and skills to the table when it comes to new technology. They have also managed to convert this knowledge into a successful business model. The fact that we, as a campus, will be able to be part of the innovation process of a global player operating at this level confirms our authority in the sector. We look forward to welcoming the WeCash specialists to our community and to the start of a fruitful partnership.”

Van den Akker “Regional Minister of Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure” said: "The Province of Limburg is delighted with this new signing at the Heerlen Brightlands Smart Services  Campus, thanks to the efforts of the campus organization and LIOF. It is good to see that the joint acquisition approach to having foreign companies establish in Limburg is bearing fruit. The strengthening of the campus by this Chinese party underlines the favorable business climate for international companies. In the field of trade- and investment promotion, China receives special attention from the Province."

Currently the recipient of financing in the amount of 350 million dollars by Chinese, Japanese and American venture capital companies, WeCash uses technology to transform the consumer financing experience for three billion people worldwide. Since 2014, over 130 million users have been using the company’s service. WeCash offers its services in China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam.

Based out of Zug, Switzerland, Qin came to Heerlen today to sign the partnership agreement in person.

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