Dutch Blockchain Coalition presents its vision of the future and starts five large societal blockchain use cases with its partners

december 10, 2018

Blockchain as a source of trust and progress in our societal infrastructure

The vision of the future of blockchain for the Netherlands was received in The Hague by the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Mona Keijzer, and by the State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Raymond Knops. The report was handed over by the ambassador of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, the former mayor of Eindhoven Rob van Gijzel. 

Due to its transparency and irrefutable nature, blockchain technology contributes to the fundamental trust in our societal infrastructure. That is the message of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition in its vision document "Blockchain for Good" that it presented on 7 December 2018. 

Rob van Gijzel: 'The Dutch Cabinet would like to see the Netherlands and the European Union play a leading role in the development of new digital technologies. This vision and mission document describes how the Dutch Blockchain Coalition will fulfil that leading role for the development of blockchain technology. Worldwide, the Netherlands is seen as an example due to the collaboration between government, industry and knowledge institutes, the decision to develop applications relevant for society, and a wide range of experiments (use cases) that accord an important role to the government as legislator, supervisory body and user.' 

Use cases for reliable and socially accepted blockchain applications
Focussing on the broad societal interest of blockchain is crucial, according to the coalition. Worldwide we see that the first blockchains for money (applications with clear financial advantages for the participants) and, in some countries, blockchains for control (gathering of data, sometimes even state control) have emerged. The development of blockchains for good (public interest and several partners from different sectors) are more complicated to realise. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) is therefore spurring progress in its mission to create reliable and socially accepted blockchain applications.

In the vision document, five use cases for reliable and socially accepted blockchain applications are named that are being built on the basis of public-private cooperation. The applications are important for our economy, our society and for areas in which the Netherlands plays a leading role in the international arena. They are therefore demonstrably valuable applications of this new technology.

A more detailed elaboration of the use cases can be read in the vision document: https://visie.dutchblockchaincoalition.org/

More information about the Dutch Blockchain Coalition: https://dutchblockchaincoalition.org/en/

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