Hacking with impact

march 27, 2018

Health care professionals, patients, programmers, designers and entrepreneurs work together to turn ideas into reality. During the Dutch Hacking Health event from April 20 through 22, they will try to design digital innovations that lead to better health care.

A smart eyeglass product, HemiGlass is an innovation from Maastricht that literally expands the field of vision of people who have suffered from a stroke. Last year, it was the national winner of the Dutch Hacking Health event. “The idea originally came from a man who realized how much trouble his wife was having, and that she only had a very limited field of vision,” says dermatologist Herm Martens, one of the organizers of Dutch Hacking Health in Maastricht. “He wondered if there was a solution to her problem. His question led to the creation of a GoogleGlass prototype during the hackathon with an external camera and a sensor. This device expands someone’s field of vision by 80%!”

Taking steps after the hackathon

These types of questions, ideas or wishes are what it’s all about during the hackathon, which will be held simultaneously in Maastricht, Groningen, Utrecht, Leiden and Nijmegen. Herm: “Digital innovations are a major theme in 2018. This year, we are going to work with the Brightlands business developers to ensure that it is easier to take further steps, including after the hackathon. We help teams to protect the value of their prototype with a patent or license, for example, and provide support in converting a prototype to a usable concept. Our approach is one of facilitation; the team makes the decisions. It’s incredibly motivating to come up with an idea together that you can use to really make a difference for a patient. Thanks to this extra support afterwards, we hope to make even more of an impact on health care!”

Want to find out more about Dutch Hacking Health? Click here. You can find a lot of the questions that will be tackled during the hackathon on the Dutch Hacking Health Sparkboard.

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