Matthijs Bosveld en Sjim Romme

november 27, 2018

People-oriented care through people-oriented education. This is the reason behind the creation of the Person Behind the Patient Foundation. Matthijs (22), co-founder of the foundation, heard about Marc for the first time when he was only 13. After his father passed away, he joined a movement that raises money for children’s cancer research. The guide was one of Marc’s former expedition partners, and it was in the Italian Alps that he heard about the harsh conditions they had to survive as a team to reach their collective goal.

It was this determination, perseverance and idealism that inspired Matthijs and Sjim (23) to work together to achieve their common goal: putting the focus on people in medical education. To achieve this, they developed an educational module in which students studying in the health care and wellness field can be put in contact with people in need of care in order to learn from, with and about one another and gain insight into the broad impact that illnesses can have. 

They put their own studies on hold, put together a team and built bridges between educational institutions. This academic year, 800 students in Southern Limburg studying at various educational institutions and levels are taking part in the educational module and are also starting pilot projects at educational institutions in Flanders and elsewhere in the Netherlands. 

Winning the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award would be a huge acknowledgement on a personal level, but most of all would offer so many opportunities to professionalize our organization, scale up our educational program, nationally and internationally, and contribute to the realization of our dream.

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