PathoFinder develops innovative, molecular diagnostic test immunocompromized patients

october 12, 2018

Based at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, PathoFinder develops and produces molecular diagnostic tests for the fast, easy and reliable detection of infectious diseases. Together with several foreign partners, they are now working on a test specially designed for patients with a suppressed immune system.

When susceptible patients such as those receiving chemotherapy or who have recently undergone a transplant develop a fever, the attending physicians want to find out as fast as possible what is causing the fever so that they can prescribe the right treatment. The test that PathoFinder and its partners are currently developing makes it clear quickly - within half a working day - which bacteria, virus, fungus or parasite is the culprit.
Currently operating under the working title “QIC-Finder 2SMART”, the project competed for the desirable 2018 Eurostars subsidy. After an intensive selection procedure, Antoinette Brink, Chief Scientific Officer at PathoFinder, received the subsidy award on Thursday, October 4. “One of the criteria for a Eurostars subsidy is that the candidates are able to offer an innovative proposal and that the final product meets a clinical need. In our project, the innovative aspect is covered with the use of new detection labels, the multiplexed use of the test - the test can detect the presence of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites - and the fact that we offer the test complete with a full workflow. Thanks to the Eurostars subsidy of a total of €880,000, we will be able to continue the development of this new test with our partners. We hope to be able to offer the product on the market within four years.”
PathoFinder is the author of the project and works with the following partners:

  • the English company IT-IS Life Science Ltd.: they are developing a detection instrument for the test as well as the necessary interpretation software 
  • The German Ella Biotech GmbH produces the innovative detection labels with dyes
  • The Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin will be conducting a pre-clinical study in which it will compare the results from the PathoFinder test with the results of the standard tests.
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