“Top brand chooses Brightlands”

april 25, 2018

Foto: Joep Patijn, one of the leaders of the Limburg regional police force unit and CEO Peter Verkoulen of Brightlands Smart Services Campus signed the partnership agreement on April 4.

“We are happy that a top brand has chosen our campus. Having an organization like the police making the decision to work with us is a great development for Brightlands. After all, the police are there for all of us. This partnership with the police also shows Brightlands that we have a lot to offer everyone.” With these words, CEO Peter Verkoulen of Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen officially welcomed the new campus residents during the first week of April. And who are these new residents? The police.


Working in teams that vary in their composition, police employees will soon be a regular sight at the Campus. The goal is to start using more smart technology in their security duties to gain access to and interpret data, and to make this information suitable for police work. The police also want to organize small and large internal and external events at the campus. “Police work is changing. Investigative work is no longer just listening in on phone calls. Digital innovation is important. We have to be able to respond to all these changes, and this is why we are here,” said Joep Patijn, a team leader of the Limburg regional police force unit, during the signing of the partnership agreement, explaining why the police has made the choice for Brightlands. He cited cybercrime and financial economics as examples of ways police work has changed.

Testing grounds

The police will be making digital innovations in the near future to ensure they are ready to fight the crime of tomorrow and beyond. The police would ultimately like to create links between all sorts of available data in order to try to predict where criminals will strike. Ideally, they would prefer to prevent these crimes altogether.

For the time being, the focus will be on experimentation, the goal of which is to implement the successful methods throughout the entire police force. The team that will be working from the Campus is not a special, dedicated team, but instead, police officers from various disciplines who will be making appearances in Heerlen in groups that will vary in composition. Depending on the type of investigation, an average of three to fifteen police officers will be working at the campus building. 

Due to the confidential nature of the data, police staff will have their own space to work in but definitely also want to become part of the total ecosystem at the campus in Heerlen.


CEO Peter Verkoulen remarked that the police working at Brightlands can count on more than just close cooperation, knowledge and brainpower when it comes to digital innovation. Brightlands has a lot more to offer in other areas, such as advising and brainstorming on legal aspects, ethical matters or privacy-related issues.

For Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, the arrival of the police means a lot more than just welcoming a new player to the ecosystem. Peter Verkoulen: “The fact that the police have chosen us is good for Brightlands. The ecosystem only becomes more attractive as a result. It also helps us provide concrete examples of how the innovations at our campus can make our community a little better!”

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