Who will win 35,000 Euros this year?

june 24, 2018

A trendsetter, a connector. Someone who doesn’t let geographical, scientific and organizational borders stop them. A leader who can make a difference in the fields of sustainability and health. This is the type of person Brightlands is looking for. The second Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award will be presented in December 2018 in Maastricht.

And with an incentive cash prize of 35,000 Euros, this is nothing to sneeze at!

“This is indeed a really nice amount,” says Guy Vroemen, member of the board of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Foundation. “In awarding the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award, we want to give pioneers who connect different worlds and work to achieve their sustainability goals an incentive contribution to help them bring their ideals another step closer to becoming reality. Candidates range from entrepreneurs to scientists and professionals”.

Why is it called the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award?

“Marc Cornelissen was a professional adventurer. He was an expert in sustainability, cooperation, team development and leadership. His polar expeditions inspired him to look for solutions to climate change, and he was not afraid to choose unorthodox paths in his quest. This is an attitude that holds particular appeal for Brightlands. Brightlands aims to connect scientists, students, entrepreneurs and professionals across borders, encouraging them to work together to tackle the major challenges in the fields of sustainability and health. Marc Cornelissen’s attitude and impact is exactly what Brightlands wants to project.”

This year will be the second time the award will be presented.

“Yes. Martine Bouman was the winner last year. She is a special professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and the founder of the Center for Media & Health. She invested the prize money from the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award in a study on improving communication with the functionally illiterate, with a focus on health and sustainability. Functionally illiterate people have trouble understanding instructions and information leaflets for medication. This often leads to the incorrect use of the medicine, with all of the expected health consequences. Studies have shown that the functionally illiterate have more health problems and even a higher likelihood of dying sooner. Through her research, Martine hopes to discover the best way to educate the functionally illiterate about health risks, using popular television programs or social media, for example. She is working diligently and in an innovative fashion to solve a social problem.”

What kinds of qualities do the nominees need to have to have a shot at winning the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award?

“The candidates must be driven by their ideals, and not be afraid to stray from the beaten path. They have to be looking for solutions to sustainability problems. The word ‘sustainable’ should be understood in a broad sense here, the way we approach this at the Brightlands campuses. The winner must also be a connector and a team player. After all, you can’t achieve results on your own.”

Is it still possible to be nominated for the 2018 award?

“Registration is open until October 15.” For further information and the registration form, go to: https://www.marccornelissenbrightlandsaward.com


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