Bright ideas for Pinkpop

march 24, 2019

For the third year in a row, Brightlands will be a Pinkpop partner. In honor of the festival’s 50th anniversary this year, Brightlands is giving it a gift in the form of a challenge on Pinkpop’s “second youth”.

Brightlands and Pinkpop: for the third year in a row, Brightlands will be a partner of the world’s longest running pop festival that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. During the traditional press presentation on March 13 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Brightlands announced a very innovative gift in honor of this Pinkpop milestone: the Brightlands Pinkpop Challenge. This challenge asks young talent and festivalgoers to brainstorm about the Pinkpop of the future. 

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Questions include what will we be eating at Pinkpop fifty years from now? Will we still have to wait in line to get in? Will the electricity be generated by the sun?  

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The new Brightlands Stage will once again feature musical talent, and the successful audience selfie contest will be held again this year. The festival’s opening act will perform on the Brightlands Stage, and is the Heerlen band Mt. Atlas, winner of the 2018 Nu of Nooit (Now or Never) Award. During the press presentation, Mt. Atlas guitarist Lars Ickenroth stood on the stage, holding a 3D-printed guitar from Xilloc, one of the companies based at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, completing the circle.


Returning to the Brightlands Pinkpop Challenge: Brightlands hopes this challenge will inspire young talent and the Pinkpop attendees to present creative and innovative ideas that contribute to the giving the oldest, longest-running pop festival in the world a “second youth”. In order to arrive at innovative and creative ideas for Pinkpop, Brightlands will be inviting 80 young talents to participate in a brainstorming session in May, together with Brightlands experts. Festivalgoers can also give it their best shot during Pinkpop itself, where Brightlands will have a special trailer at the venue in Landgraaf during the festival. The results from the brainstorming session and the ideas contributed by Pinkpop attendees will lead to “bright ideas” in the fall for the profile of the Pinkpop festival of the future.


Brightlands’ own Maurice Olivers: “As a gesture to honor 50 years of Pinkpop, we wanted to do something special this year. Each and every day, at our four Brightlands campuses, entrepreneurs, scientists and students put their passion into coming up with “bright ideas” for the major challenges in sustainability and health. These are themes that are also becoming increasingly more important for Pinkpop. It would be great if we could also apply this spirit to the future of this icon among music festivals. We are already seeing that the range of food and beverages sold at festivals is changing, but what else can we expect? Will Pinkpop be getting its power for the music from the sun? Will we still be waiting in line to get in fifty years from now? Will Pinkpop become a virtual festival? There will undoubtedly be even more challenges and opportunities for the next fifty years of Pinkpop.”


Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets has already indicated his curiosity about the outcomes of the challenge. “Every gift or form of appreciation is always welcome, but this is really unique. I’m curious about the outcomes we will see in the fall. I already know how innovative Brightlands is and this is why I’m convinced that there will definitely be some great ideas submitted that we can incorporate into our ‘second youth’”.

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