Brightlands Summer Tour at the four campuses

june 24, 2019

Four-day science event for teens

Bored high-school student at home? Glued to their game console with nothing else to do? Good news! We’ve got the perfect activity to help awaken your teenager from their summer vacation slumber on August 13 through 16: the Brightlands Summer Tour. During the Brightlands Summer Tour for teens, the Brightlands campuses will be opening their doors for four days to introduce your teen to the most innovative work and study opportunities in Limburg. Ellen Krijnen (photo) of Maastricht University (UM) explains what the Brightlands Summer Tour is all about. 

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A Summer Tour for high-school students: do tell!

“I go to high schools to provide information about the study possibilities UM offers and each time the students are surprised to hear that options exist for enrolling in science programs in Limburg. This is a real shame, especially since we offer a unique combination here. I tell them about the universities or schools of applied sciences where they can study while also being able to complete part of their studies or research projects at one of the four Brightlands campuses.

It’s the ideal place to be for getting as close as possible to the most innovative developments. This is what we want young people from the Euregion to experience during the Summer Tour. They have to make their own choices, but young people need to know that there are really interesting study and job opportunities just around the corner.”

So, you can’t be on vacation from August 13 - 16?

“No, you’ll have something even better to do! The Brightlands Summer Tour visits a different campus every day. We start on August 13 with the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, we’re in Geleen on August 14 at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, you’re welcome at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus on August 15, and we finish on Friday, August 16 in Venlo at the Brightlands Greenport Campus. You're free to join us for one or more days. Participating in the complete tour is also an option, of course.”

Which students are you targeting?

“The Summer Tour is specially designed for fourth, fifth and sixth year VWO (college prep) students. The program is particularly interesting for students with a Nature and Technology or a Nature and Health subject cluster. If you’re at a special Technasium school, the Summer Tour is right up your alley.”

You mentioned Euregion...

“Yes, students from Belgium and Germany are also welcome to participate in the Brightlands Summer Tour. The campuses are really interesting for them too. The Summer Tour is also a great opportunity to meet your contemporaries from other countries. The official language during the Tour is English.”

What happens during the Summer Tour?

“Each campus has created an interesting program. This can range from taste tests at the UM labs in Venlo, a bus tour through the Chemelot Industrial Park or the chance to take a peek inside a brain at Scannexus, to learning more about cybercrime in the police’s iLab at the Smart Services Campus. Participants get information about working and studying at the campus and will work on their own during workshops or taste tests.”

Sounds good!

“It does, doesn’t it? I personally visited all the campuses myself and was really impressed by what I saw. Really fascinating things are going on at the campuses, and there are so many new professions. You can also really see how well science, study and business go together, and how research is applied and marketed. I think young people should know what's going on at the campuses so that they can discover how innovative we are in Limburg. You don't have to go to the Randstad or Eindhoven to pursue an interesting future. That future starts here. We have it all here in Limburg, from safe and healthy nutrition to blockchain to regenerative medicine and new, sustainable materials. There's so much to discover. The great thing is that you can do this in a really accessible way during the Brightlands Summer Tour in August. Free!”

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