Corporis Medical: “Being able to focus entirely on innovation”

april 15, 2019

“Corporis Medical was co-founded by surgeon Alexander Veenhof with the goal of developing better, safer and faster medical equipment and innovative surgical aids. We have developed a device that helps make keyhole surgery more efficient. There is also a device being developed that takes a diagnostic approach to determining blood flow to tissue which is crucial to the healing of wounds.” Initially based in Amsterdam, the company decided to move to Maastricht. “The decision was based on the proximity of the Maastricht UMC+ and the Health Campus, but also because of the growing network of companies we would be able to work with, as well as the good availability of young knowledge workers.”


Marugg makes it clear that innovation in the medical sector is a question of patience, because of the need to conduct studies and tests and acquire the necessary certification. “It can easily take a few years before you even have the first concrete results. These types of projects are also very expensive and require a lot of financing. This is money that Corporis Medical initially raised on its own, and Marugg has experience with applying for subsidies. After the move down south, he decided to look for an external party for this purpose, and the choice ultimately fell on TRIAS. “Since TRIAS already focuses on subsidies, we can turn our full concentration to our work, innovating.”

The development of the device for more efficient keyhole surgery, the working name of which is ATC, is in the final phase. A WBSO subsidy was successfully applied for and obtained for the ATC. Another subsidy was also awarded, from LimburgMakers (LIOF) and MIT R&D. The diagnostic device (working name: APM) is still being developed in cooperation with a Swiss knowledge institute, among others. A Eurostars grant was awarded for this project and an OP-Zuid (operational program Southern Netherlands) application has also been approved. Corporis Medical took advantage of the ESZL’s start fee fund option for the Eurostars grant. This covered part of the required start fee for the subsidy application, pre-financed by ESZL.

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