Do a self-test during the Test & Taste Edition

june 25, 2019

It may seem far off, but the preparations for the Dutch Food Week in early October at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo are already in full swing. One of the events that is interesting for everyone is the Test & Taste Edition on October 4 where you can get to know your own body even better.

An apple is healthier than a candy bar. Broccoli is better for you than pizza. Although this is common knowledge, how does all that food, healthy or unhealthy, affect your body? The Test & Taste Edition will make a lot of this clearer. You eat about 10 times your own body weight every year. All this food leaves results behind in your body. What you eat has a direct impact on your mood, immune system, energy, health and a variety of other important processes in your body. Your body can tell you everything!


Blood and stools are important mirrors of our bodies: they can tell us what is going on inside. Let’s be honest: when are you going to look at your own blood or stools? What does your blood actually say about your health? And how healthy are your stools?

Find out how healthy you are during the opening of Dutch Food Week on October 4 at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. If you pre-register for the Test & Taste Edition, you’ll receive a stool or blood sample kit in the mail. If you take the test, you’ll find out just how healthy you are on October 4.


During the event, you can also learn more about the research being conducted at the campus. How does nutrition affect the gastrointestinal tract and therefore human health? How can you scientifically prove that food is safe and healthy? How do you measure the healthy components of a tomato or mushroom? 

Dutch Food Week @ Brightlands

During Dutch Food Week, for ten days the Brightlands Venlo campus will be focused on food, food innovation, future farming and the bio-circular economy. From October 5 to 16, activities will be organized for visitors from business, education, knowledge institutes and politics as well as the general public.

Interested in joining us?

Participating in Dutch Food Week offers new knowledge, a great opportunity to network and increases the visibility of your organization and/or company. If you or your organization are interested in participating in any form during this special week, such as the organization of an event, networking session and so on, please send an email to

How can you participate?

Visit the links below to find all of the information on Dutch Food Week and the Test & Taste Edition. You can also request the kit(s) via the links to participate. 

Test & Taste Edition

Self-test vitamin and mineral kit

Measuring is the key, especially when it comes to your own health! Brightlabs’ Micro Sampling kit gives you a fast and easy way to get information on your vitamin and mineral levels using just one drop of blood.

The kit tests for vitamins A, E and D (both D2 and D3 as well as the Co-Enzyme Q10) and the minerals sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and selenium. Since the kit has been validated, it yields the same results as the test administered at a hospital or GP’s office without the need to go to a blood lab.

Intestinal flora crucial to good health

Our intestines, particularly the large intestine, contain many micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. This intestinal microbiota - commonly known as intestinal flora - is important for disease and health. Some 2,500 species of bacteria have been found in the intestines of the world's population, but each person “only” has around 250 species in their own bodies.

The composition of the microbiota is determined by our own DNA, by what we eat and by a variety of environmental factors. The flora composition is therefore specific to each individual and has an influence on diseases and health, not only of the intestines, but also allergies, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, and a range of disorders related to the brain (stress, depression, Alzheimer’s, etc.). Changing this composition with food (or its components) makes it possible to improve health.

It is necessary however to first map out the composition of the flora. This may be done using molecular techniques which can show the different types present in the flora. This composition in combination with a nutrition questionnaire is followed up with personal advice on the optimal intestinal flora for improving health.

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About Dutch Food Week

During Dutch Food Week from October 5 to 16, 2019, various parties from the agri-food sector will be sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with attendees. Farmers and nurseries, businesses from the supply and processing industry, retail, government and scientists will all show how they are working to secure the availability of safe and healthy food for us, and later, for the global population of nine billion people.

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