Grand opening of the Brighthouses

may 24, 2019

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Grand opening of the Brighthouses at Brighlands Chemelot Campus

This afternoon, the Brighthouses at Brightlands Chemelot Campus were officially opened with rolls of drums!

During the opening ceremony an oak tree was revealed in the honor of Aad Brouwer by Bert Kip (CEO Brightlands Chemelot Campus), Ger Wagemans, Jan Smeelen (Province of Limburg), Nick Bos (Maastricht University) and Ineke Brouwer (widow of the late Aad Brouwer).

‘Aad Brouwer, in memoriam’

When the Brightlands Chemelot Campus started, July 2010, Aad Brouwer was Director of Chemelot. Acting on behalf of DSM, together with Jan Smeelen of the Province of Limburg and Nick Bos of Maastricht University, he was the client of trailblazer Ger Wagemans. This phase was completed with the foundation of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in September 2012. Without the synergy of those who were there at the very beginning, this development never would have materialized.

Aad passed away far too soon, on December 5, 2015. The tree has been planted in his honor, and helps us keep the wonderful, great memories alive. We are very grateful to him for all of his hard work in creating this campus. 
Besides the tree, a plaque was unveiled during the Brighthouses opening ceremony as well by Ger Wagemans, Jan Smeelen and Nick Bos, marking the completion of the first phase of the investments in Brightlands Chemelot Campus. We would have loved for Aad to have been there.

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The design of the Brighthouses is based on flexibility, so the buildings can be tailored to meet residents’ specific wants and requirements. The result is modular spaces offering combined lab- and workspace. Nothing in the buildings was built to last forever. Spaces can be adapted to suit changing needs, with no major renovation required. And as the resident of a multi-tenant building, you benefit from opportunities to share knowledge and make valuable connections.

The Brighthouses are unique because they were designed to be duplicated. We have plans to build this type of building, on this scale and with the same flexibility, more often on the campus. Not only is the design highly affordable, it can be built in a very short time: the first pile went into the ground in January 2018, and in December the first tenants moved in. Now the two Brighthouses, each with a floor area of 7500 m2, accommodate almost 900 people.

Facts & Figures

Gross lettable area 18,569 m2
Steel 121,000 kg
Foundation piles 264
Concrete columns 269
Concrete 2,840 m3
Facade 10,130 m2
Concrete steps 16
Steel steps 8
Lifts 4
Employees 900

For more Information about the Brighthouses, please click here.

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