Investment deal between GeneoDx and PathoFinder

december 17, 2019

PathoFinder has entered into a strategic partnership with GeneoDx (headquartered in Shanghai, China), for the development and marketing of diagnostic tests and to further expand the research activities in China.

GeneoDx is a molecular diagnostics company with a focus on infectious diseases and is part of the Sinopharm Group, a leading pharmaceutical company in China. PathoFinder is an innovative diagnostics company founded in 2004 by Guus Simons and is focusing on the sales and development of the so-called “Syndromic approach testing” (multiplex PCR) for infectious diseases.

PathoFinder B.V. will become the flagship company for GeneoDx in Europe, with a strong focus on innovation. This strategic partnership is the result of many years of successful cooperation between the two companies. In order to strengthen and expand this cooperation, GeneoDx has acquired a majority stake in PathoFinder Holding B.V.

Guus Simons, the current CEO of PathoFinder, will not only remain actively involved in the growth and development of the company moving forward, but also retain a significant stake in PathoFinder.

PathoFinder B.V. as well as PathoNostics B.V., united in PathoFinder Holding, will continue their current activities, namely the sales and development of diagnostic test kits for infectious diseases. Both PathoFinder and PathoNostics already distribute their products worldwide. PathoFinder and PathoNostics are both part of the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.

PathoFinder B.V., PathoNostics B.V. and GeneoDx are looking forward to the future with great confidence.


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