“Make data-driven decisions”

february 21, 2019

Dutch people might know him from the television programs De Wereld Draait Door, De Kennis van Nu or Wie is de Mol? On March 14, science journalist Diederik Jekel will be making an appearance at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. He will be just one of the speakers presenting during the symposium Big Data Matters that is being organized by the Central Bureau for Statistics. This symposium will focus on the importance of data for policymakers. 

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Mobility, energy transition, health, air pollution, the job market: these are just a few of the major social themes that administrators and policymakers are required to have an opinion on, and areas in which they will need to take action. “It is important that they are guided by reliable information in these decisions,” Diederik Jekel says. “Emotions and assumptions can put you on the wrong track. They cloud the debate, causing people to make the wrong decisions. Administrators and politicians should be making data-driven decisions more often. It might sound simple, but it isn’t. After all, how do you make the right choice from the endless quantity of data available? And how can you guarantee privacy?”

Accountability and transparency

The people coming to Big Data Matters are decision-makers, Jekel believes. “They are in the driver’s seat, and have influence. They also have accountability. This means that they must make well-founded decisions, and that they must be transparent in the use of data in their decision-making process. Which data are they using for which purposes? This also applies to the CBS, an organization that gathers enormous amounts of data. The question is, what are they doing with it? How do they decide which data sets to compile? Can they use them to guide their decision-making? These are all interesting questions to get started with on March 14, together.”

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