Micro Sampling Kit can test your health using just one drop of blood

january 24, 2019

January blues got you down? Are you constantly tired? With just one drop of blood, it’s fast and easy to test whether your vitamin D level is the cause of your winter blues. Based at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, Brightlabs announced the launch of the Micro Sampling Kit this week via a press release in the media. This handy, accessible test helps you measure your vitamin D level.

During the winter months, half of the population in the Netherlands suffers from a vitamin D deficiency. This is not strange actually since your body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D. The sun shines fewer hours per day, we are stuck indoors and we wear more layers of clothing; all of this means that our skin is not being exposed to enough sunlight to maintain our vitamin D level. The potential consequences include a compromised immune system, a (chronic) shortage of energy, susceptibility to stress, muscle cramps, oversensitive and bleeding gums, and cavities.

“These are all unpleasant symptoms that you can actually prevent,” according to Bart Jansen, Business Development Manager at Brightlabs. “Just one drop of blood and our new Micro Sampling Kit will help you figure out fast if you are in fact suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. There are actions you can take, such as modifying your diet, or by taking supplements.”

Do you only test for vitamin D? 

“The vitamin D test is the first test in the kit. We chose this test because so many people suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin. More and more studies are showing the relationship between syndromes such as osteoporosis, diabetes types 1 and 2, COPD, ADHD and a low vitamin D level. The box in the kit was designed for the four tips that help you draw blood. We plan to expand the test this year with the vitamins A, B and E, and the minerals magnesium, iron, calcium and co-enzyme Q10.”

Why a Micro Sampling Kit? Couldn’t you just go see your doctor?

“More and more people are becoming more conscious about their health. They are watching their diets and making sure they get enough exercise. At a certain point, you also want to get a more accurate picture of your health. The Micro Sampling Kit makes it really easy to check this. Yes, your GP can also do blood tests, but there has to be a real medical reason for this, and they draw an entire test tube of blood. Our kit focuses more on prevention. You want to avoid getting sick by doing the right things on time, or get confirmation that you are already doing all the right things. One drop of blood is enough.”

How does the Micro Sampling Kit work?

“The nice thing about the Micro Sampling Kit is that you don’t have to go to a doctor or blood lab. You can do the test yourself. The Micro Sampling Kit is a complete kit including a needle, micro sampling tips for drawing blood, a band-aid, instructions and a return envelope. You use the tip to draw a drop of blood and then you send this to Brightlabs. The results are ready within seven working days and may be consulted online via a unique code.

The results are completely anonymous. You can order the kit online via www.microsampling.nl and it even fits through the mailbox.”

So, then you get the results. What now?

“Now you need good advice. This is also the reason we are offering the kits primarily to the B2B market. The kit is particularly interesting for companies that do preventive medical testing and for dietitians for example, but also for companies that offer personalized nutrition or supplements. They can provide targeted recommendations linked to the results. We also want to serve consumers directly in the near future.”

The Micro Sampling Kit is an aid that makes personalized nutrition possible.

“Exactly. You can eventually use the Micro Sampling Kit to precisely identify what your body needs. Then you can meet these needs through nutrition, exercise or supplements if necessary. As far as this goes, we are part of a fantastic ecosystem at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. We are already working with the Healthy Eating and Food Innovation laboratories at Maastricht University and other companies at the campus. At Brightlabs, we test the raw materials for the smoothies that one of the other companies at the Campus makes. We have also studied whether or not these nutrients remain intact once the smoothies have been made. UM studies whether or not and how the body then absorbs these substances. We complement each other. Together we can come full-circle.”

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