Plenty of space for young talent at Brightlands Chemelot Campus

may 13, 2019

There are plenty of ambitious young talents at Brightlands Chemelot Campus: young professionals, trainees and students (from MBO, HBO and WO). What do they think of the campus and the new Brighthouses?

Rien Raymaekers, Trainee at Sitech, “As a trainee at Chemelot I’ll be working for three different companies in two years. This is my first position in the Chemelot Sustainability Team. We think of how the site can be made more sustainable, so we can achieve the climate objectives. Now that Sitech is moving to the Brighthouses, I’ll be able to connect with other innovation companies and knowledge institutions even more easily.”

Isabel Vermeer, Trainee at Sitech, “I’m also on a two-year Chemelot traineeship. At Sitech, I’m working on the change management programme. That means involving the entire company and developing a new strategy. Organizing workshops are a part of it as well.”

Kayleigh Charpentier, 3rd year Applied Science - Zuyd, “Some of my classes are held at Center Court, the heart of Brightlands Chemelot Campus. So as students, this means we’re in the field more, which I like. More and more biomedical projects are moving to the campus, and I’d definitely consider coming to work here after my studies.”

Fiona Ho, 3rd year Applied Science - Zuyd, “In my first year at college, I was selected for a pilot project, so I’m following lectures on the campus. Compared to college, the atmosphere here’s very different and on the CHILL programme I meet people from all kinds of  , including international ones. I enjoy working in the Brighthouses even more now, thanks to the special rooms for projects and consultations.”

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