Synergy at the coffee machine of the Brighthouses

may 14, 2019

At the end of a sunny Friday afternoon, people shake hands and connect in the Debye conference room in the Brighthouses. A number of new Brighthouses tenants have come together to talk about synergy at Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Marc Dassen (CEO Sitech Services), Marnix van Gurp (director Brightlands Materials Center), Patrick Stragier (site head Lonza), Rachelle van Haaften (training manager Zuyd Hogeschool) and Wouter van den Berg (commercial director Yparex) recently moved into the Brighthouses. Astrid Verberne, Community Development Manager at Brightlands Chemelot Campus: “Many tenants choose the campus because it offers them unlimited potential for cooperative ventures and talented professionals. And because the Brighthouses are multi-tenant buildings, sharing ideas and working together is even easier. I hope this meeting marks the beginning of many meaningful connections.”


Marnix “Very important. It’s simple: the fact that you meet each other regularly is a great way to break the ice and makes it easier to approach people. You might bump into someone in the canteen and start chatting during your lunch break.”

Wouter “Although Yparex doesn’t manufacture in South Limburg, it decided to open an office on the campus precisely because there’s so much potential for collaboration. This is a knowledge hub, with the infrastructure, knowledge and specialist equipment that we need.”

Marc “Sitech also chose to locate here to tap into that knowledge hub. If we want to achieve the CO2 reduction targets, we need cross-disciplinary solutions, from experts in chemistry to software specialists. The campus offers those possibilities.”

Rachelle “The campus is a unique learning environment for Zuyd Hogeschool. We want the students to connect with the companies here. Students’ motivation levels really increase when they discover the opportunities businesses offer.”

Patrick “As an ambitious company, we need the students too. Lonza expects to grow significantly in this region in the coming years. We currently have 240 employees here and hope to increase this to one thousand within five years.”


Patrick “Of course, it’s not as though we’re always in and out of each other’s workspace, chatting and sharing ideas. We’re all involved in work of a confidential nature. But this is where we meet most often. We need to make good use of the coffee machines, that’s where amazing partnerships are made.”

Marnix “In the end, the real meeting place is Center Court. We decided on this location because of the potential of the entire campus, not just the Brighthouses.”

Marc “After all the interesting things I’ve heard today, I’m keen to learn more about the businesses at Brighthouses. Do you give guided tours during the official opening?”

Astrid “Of course! It’s great to see you all here, getting to know each other. We’re always urging tenants to seek each other out and take the time to get acquainted. You might meet someone with just the expertise you need. You’re part of the Brightlands family now, so put this network to good use.”

Patrick “That’s so true. And I only fully realised it today, in this meeting. We need to be disciplined, because it’s the only way to build trust and share ideas. This is a promising start.”

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