The women who made the Brighthouses ‘Ready to Operate’

may 24, 2019

Rachèl Witter’s work began when the Brighthouses were built. As Services Manager she was responsible for the interior of the buildings: from furnishing the conference center to moving in the new tenants.

“It was my job that all soft services on the campus work well from the very first working day. We call it ‘Ready to Operate’. For the Brighthouses, I focused on the on the look & feel of the buildings, the design of the communal spaces and the meeting rooms. I also asked tenants what they wanted in their interior and made sure that relocations went smoothly. It was a hectic time, because I was the contact person for everyone. From moving companies to director, they all came to me.”

Brighthouse 240 (from Center Court: the left building) has a conference centre with ten rooms that can be used by all campus residents. When it came to the layout, there was quite a lot of choice, says Rachèl: “Such as how large the spaces should be, and whether we wanted fixed or flexible set-ups? We decided on rooms in various sizes, from small spaces for up to four people to rooms with a full classroom style setup.” Each meeting room has a presentation screen, plus a video conferencing and wireless presentation option. The other meeting rooms in both Brighthouses are similarly equipped. The meeting centre’s main space is relaxing, with plants, books and benches. “You can wait here before an appointment, or work or hold a short meeting. That fits in with the vision of the architect and Brightlands Chemelot Campus that communal spaces should be suitable to meet, eat and greet.” Another feature that ties in with this flexible working style are the Samsung Flips, which can be rented in both Brighthouses. These innovative digital flip charts have a touchscreen and are mobile, so you can give a presentation anywhere in the building, even outside the conference rooms.

The move was a challenge, says Rachèl. “Some spaces were already finished, others were still being built. Which meant that the tenants didn’t all have their first working day on the same day.” But Rachèl managed to keep her head cool. “I knew each step at each stage of the process. You can’t factor everything in, so the best thing is to ‘go with the flow’. In the end everything went really well, I enjoyed every minute, and the new tenants were happy. I can’t wait for us to start Brighthouse number three.”

As Soft Services Manager, Judith Boonen is one hundred per cent committed to customer satisfaction. “All Brightlands Chemelot Campus tenants pay service costs on top of the rent, to cover shared services like cleaning, maintenance and audio-visual support in the meeting rooms. We realised that this service wasn’t transparent enough. Tenants wanted to see a clearer breakdown of the costs. That’s why, with a group of tenants, we set up the “Service Council” last year. We discuss the content of the services together and how we can divide the costs. New Brighthouses tenants will benefit from this too, and be able to report any wishes, complaints and questions to the Service Desk or in the Facilitor programme.”

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